About Us

Research in the i-OTe is multidisciplinary emphasizing in the utilization of knowledge as a new resource for digital era. The proliferation of the Internet and Computer-Based Information System have contributed to escalate enterprises’ competitive advantage. The i-OTe seeks to investigate issues and factors related to the distribution, storage, retrieve, dissemination of knowledge, within and inter – virtual organizations. The main question in the i-OTe is to answer how do information/knowledge can be effectively used and disseminated in the organization. And how this resource can then be used for fostering entrepreneurship.

We use various theoretical approach to investigate the research question including the theory of information science, informatics, organizational and computational science. The goal of the research is to build model and the abstraction of e.g. Management Information System (MSI), Knowledge Management System (KMS), and Decision Support System (DSS). The i-OTe also investigates the process of technology-based entrepreneurship and IT-related product development. The further topics are included but not limited such as university-business co-operation, technology and business incubator, and the valorisation of knowledge.

We fully support the third task of university including the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and technology in the society. Our researchers have a close relationship with governmental and private sectors allowing the transfer of expertise and technology.

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