In an effort to engage the scientific communities, governments, and industries in promoting knowledge-based economy, our university, Institut Teknologi Padang, proudly presents the 2nd International Conference on Technology, Innovation, and Society and the 15th Science-to-Business Marketing Conference, ICTIS-S2B 2018 . After successfully hosting the first ICTIS in 2016, we expand the event for broad participants and audiences from various disciplines and countries. The ICTIS – S2B 2018 is the joint conference between Institut Teknologi Padang (ITP) and Science to Business Marketing Research Center (S2BMRC) University of Applied Sciences Muenster Germany.

Our main goal is to reflect the processes of knowledge and technology valorization in countries and what these mean for universities; for  policy makers; and for the business world. By its name, the ICTIS – S2B  2018 aims to discuss and evaluate the four pillars of knowledge valorization consisting of technology, innovation, society, and transfer processes. Universities and other research institutes are the major players who play the main role on producing (applied) research or technology ICTIS – S2B seeks to discussion on how innovations are being fostered, both by policy makers and by the initiatives created between universities and the industrial sectors.

The last part, we expect to discuss how the society, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Large and Multinational Enterprises, NGOs, and etc., perceive knowledge valorization. With its broader topics and participants, we look at the diversity in topics and we also expect the knowledge sharing among participants.

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